Walk and Shoot Weight Loss -5 Photo Tips For Better Results

If you want to really lose it, pounds that is, photography can be a great vehicle.

Surprisingly, a DSLR camera could actually become your ultimate, hand-held, total-mind-body fitness machine. However, like most fitness equipment, the only time it provides a real benefit,  is when you use it.  

Heading out for a walk in the park, along the beach, or on a hike through the wilderness -or even the “urban jungle” with  camera in hand can give you a great cardio workout that’s fun. It might even seem like the fastest hour of exercise you ever had, because when your focus becomes taking pictures you forget that you’re getting exercise!  

So let’s get started.   Before heading out, you need to have a subject. A purpose. A focal point. A good photo outting, like a good photo, must have a singular point of interest. To wander around aimlessly has it’s place, but as motivation to action it won’t work here. So decide where you want to go,  pick one place, and go. Once there you can begin your walk in search of great photographic subjects.  

For maximum enjoyment on your photo-fitness adventure, keep these secret photographer’s tricks in mind and you’ll be bringing home the best photos possible:
1. Rule of Thirds: Imagine your view screen is cut by 2 lines vertically and 2 horizontally, creating 9 equal squares on your viewfinder. Always try to place the main subject of your photo along one of those horizontal or vertical lines. Avoid placing your subjects directly in the center box, unless absolutely necessary. You’ll see an instant improvement in your photographic skills.

2. Contrast: Light against dark or vise versa. Try to photograph a dark object in front of a light background. Or a light object in front of a dark background.

3. Color Contrast: Imagine the color wheel (or better yet, get one) to see which colors are opposite on the wheel. Try to find subjects together that are opposite on the wheel for maximum visual interest (contrast).

4. Angles: Try to create a diagonal through your photos with streets, or grassy edges or buildings, fences or any natural element. Start it from the lower left corner of your viewer in towards the center of your photo. This helps to draw the eyes into and toward your subject.

5. Focus: A couple of points here. Eyes should always be sharply in focus when photographing people or animals. To have your subject stand out from the background, blur the background by using a large lens opening on (D)SLR cameras (that means a small f number like f4.5 rather than f8 or f16).  

Browse through magazines, retail stores or anywhere pictures are found and you’ll be getting great ideas about the most popular things people like to see: Flowers, trees, gardens, garden paths, butterflies, stone walls, architecture colorful umbrellas, sea shells, fountains, statues, pets, animals, birds, reflections from puddles, windows, lakes, ponds, farmer’s markets, countryside, cows, horses, tractors, kids, couples, doors, churches, clocks. Then, for variety and challenge, each day pick only one subject and try to photograph as many examples as you can. On your next trip, choose another. 

Get out, look around with purpose, and a whole new world will begin to reveal itself to you. I guarantee, once you get out there, you’ll be hooked! Getting exercise will be fun!  

As a bonus, once you get home and look at the photographs you took, you’ll be like a kid on Christmas eve…eager for the new morning so you can get back out there to capture more of the beauty that surrounds us. All the while burnin’ calories without the dreaded…”exercise.”  

Try to get that excited about your treadmill!  

Photography can be a great vehicle for fitness and a great motivator if you’re trying to lose weight. With just a few simple tips to get you started, and a regular program of activities to follow, you can be looking slim and trim in no time.