Tips on Home Decoration – Framed Butterflies

The decorations with butterfly works are very popular these days. These are in the form of art works, pictures, photos, butterfly houses, shadow boxes, and framed butterflies. Framed butterflies are those decorative pieces in which real butterflies are framed and displayed as a piece of art. The beauty of the whole display lies in the beauty of the butterfly and the frame. Framing butterflies require a lot of attention and care. These are often done by professionally trained people. But if you wish, you can make your own framed butterfly display as well. The perfection to it lies in spreading out the wings cautiously, symmetrically, and without causing any damages to it.

Framed butterflies are considered as beautiful pieces of art owing to the beauty of the creature. Generally, the colours on the wings do not fade off. You must keep it without exposure to direct sunlight. If kept in a cool and dry place, the framed display will last as new for decades together.

The butterflies to be framed commercially are not caught from the nature and framed. They are raised in butterfly farms for the purpose of sale and framing. And it is often the very common species of butterflies that are used for the framing purpose. Rare species of butterflies are not used in the framing purpose. If rare butterfly frames are available, they will be very costly.

Some people create butterfly frames on their own. For this they find dead butterflies, catch them, or buy them online. The wings will have to be spread out very carefully without causing any harm as it is very fragile. You can use see through tapes, thin wires and threads to secure the butterfly, with the wings spread out, in place. Spreading out the wings symmetrically is the time consuming part. It is also good, if you have somebody to help, as the wings may curl up during the spreading out process.

Buying framed butterflies is not that costly. Once you buy, it will last for very long. The frames are available in wood, metals, plastic, and other materials. Some stores allow you to choose the butterfly, frame, and background, so that a custom order can be placed. Once the order is placed, everything is put together to make the beautiful framed butterfly. You can use it as part of your room decoration or gift it to somebody who loves butterflies or framed collections.

Framed butterfly displays can be found at both online and physical stores. The cost varies depending on the species of the butterfly, frame, and other materials used for the decorative purposes. If you are ordering your framed butterfly online, shipping charges also will apply. This can vary depending on the country and weight of the shipment.

Framed butterfly is a very good gifting and decorating idea. It would be better if you learn about the species of the butterfly and its other aspects.