Social Media Marketing – How to Update Your Status On Facebook to Include Photos

One day I was sitting in a small event learning something new. I happened to notice Jorge, on one side of me, was no longer paying attention to what was being taught from the front of the room. Instead he was scrolling through his Facebook newsfeed. In the interests of market research I started to watch him.

Then I noticed, Gus on my other side, was scrolling through his Facebook newsfeed too!

What I noticed both of them were doing was only stopping and looking at the posts that included a picture. They were bypassing all of the posts that were text only. This confirmed for me something I had been seeing on the pages of our clients and the pages I look at on a regular basis. The posts that had the most interaction had pictures! At that point I was no longer paying attention to what was being taught either. However this has proven to be an extremely valuable lesson for me.

It is very important that you add pictures to your newsfeed as this is what will catch people’s attention.

  1. Select an option:
    • Upload Photos/Video: Post photos from your computer. The photos you post will be added to your Timeline Photos album.
    • Add Synced Photos: If you have photo syncing turned on, you can post photos that have synced from your phone or tablet. The photos you post will be added to your Timeline Photos album.
    • Create Photo Album: Post photos from your computer to a new album.
  2. Select the photos you want to add to Facebook.

It is also best if you can tag a friend or fan in your pictures. You will get more edgerank when you do. PLUS adding the location works extremely well when your business is local. When I attend local events I do my very best to add my location as it benefits both me and my city.

The type of photos you post will also make a difference to the interaction you receive. When you are posting pictures for marketing and business purposes be sure to stay away from the Facebook colors as they will blend in more with the platform itself.

Look for pictures that are eye catching and use humor where appropriate for you and your fans. If you are having trouble finding pictures to post remember you can “share” appropriate pictures from other Facebook Pages. Be sure your content is relevant and or entertaining.

Wedding Flowers Photos

Creating a cozy and romantic setting for your wedding can be conveyed through flower arrangements. It is important to leave a wonderful impression for your guests, and having a comfortable setting can be a sign of your gratitude to them for having attended and celebrating with you such an important day of your life.

Where to put your flowers
Included in the primary stages of wedding planning is evaluating the itinerary of the whole ceremony. With that determined, you can then think of how and when the flowers should be delivered for it to stay fresh and good to look at.

The venue of the ceremony, it may a church or chapel, should be decorated with the flowers of your choice while the groom and bride and the rest of the entourage go off for their make up and hairstyles at the salon. Beautiful flower arrangements should be set up in vases at the altar, alongside the aisle and at the entrance. When dealing with flower arrangements, do not forget to consider the size of the venue before setting up your wedding flowers. Photos in magazines can be your reference on how you would want your venue to be decorated.

Flower bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaids should be prepared. You can also hand out small corsages for the couple’s mothers and grandmothers. The groom, his groomsmen, the fathers and grandfather will need boutonni√®res during the ceremony.

Also, decorate the reception area with wedding flowers. Photos of wedding reception halls in the internet or in magazine can be your reference on how you may want yours to be decorated.

Natural ornaments
Nearly everyone mainly utilize as decoration are wedding flowers. Wedding Flowers Photos of various designs for wedding ceremonies can be seen in magazines and online websites. But there are some instances that you may find them inappropriate and out of place, such as having a beautiful location that needs no further decorating for flowers or other ornaments.

Candles are also one of the popular things used during wedding ceremonies and at the receptions. Candle lighting gives out a very romantic and powerful effect that is spectacular to look at. Choose a color that goes with your wedding theme.

In your wedding, you can use everything you want for decorations. Do not limit yourself from using just flowers and candles. Modern wedding receptions include water fountains and butterflies in their designs for it to be unique and memorable.

Decorating your wedding ceremony and reception is all up to you. You can keep it as plain and simple as possible, as well as very intimate and personal.

Creating A Butterfly Garden For Beauty And Peace Of Mind

Creating a butterfly garden is beneficial in several ways. If done properly, it provides a natural, healthy environment for butterflies, but it is also therapeutic for human consumption. And it need not be difficult nor stressful to accomplish.

Start your butterfly garden with a plan. Now, that does sound stressful, but the plan does not have to be a “21-day complete it or fail” exercise in futility. Just calmly consider how you can convert your available area into one that is inviting for butterflies. It can take a few weeks or years. It’s your plan, so don’t stress out over it, enjoy the process.

Creating a butterfly garden is definitely a process and a mindset. Each time you buy a plant, think about how it will fit into your landscape and if it will be an added attraction for your winged friends.

Butterflies are definitely attracted to certain areas, and you can transform your planting area to meet their needs by thinking through the kinds of plants and where those plants will be located.

Flowers that work best are those that have many blooms clustered together and are shallow so that nectar is close to the surface. Here are a few great plants that will bring quick results:

  • Brazilian Verbena
  • Purple Cone Flowers
  • Zinnias – all colors
  • Joe Pye Weed
  • Milkweed
  • Butterfly Bush
  • Sedum
  • Salvia
  • Heliotrope

This list is certainly not exhaustive since there are many nectar producing flowers. Also, keep in mind that there are different species in different areas. It has everything to do with your climate and elevation. Find out what types of flowers are best for your particular area.

In addition to providing food for adults, you can also provide host plants for birthing and nurturing larvae. Again, the kinds of species in your area will dictate what host plants you should consider. Just know that if you are successful, the caterpillars will be very destructive to the host plant.

Two other ways to improve your chances of having frequent visitors are to have water and protection available. Water is best provided in very shallow pools or even simple puddles. Protection from wind and harsh elements can come in the form of a wooden fence next to your garden or an overhang on a shed or house.

One not so well know fact about butterfly feeding is that some are not nectar lovers. Instead, they feed on very ripe or rotting fruit or carrion. A plate of sliced bananas or papaya might be just the ticket for attracting some very beautiful creatures.

The whole process is quite therapeutic. Provide beauty in the form of attractive blooms and flowers and you will be able to enjoy them yourself. You can sit for long periods of time and watch as the butterflies and other insects browse each little nook and cranny for their nectar reward.

And don’t forget to have a camera handy so you can capture photos to view during less warm and beautiful seasons. Use the macro setting on your camera and you will discover some really interesting markings and body parts that are not usually seen.

Butterfly Art – Perfect Interior Decoration

Butterfly art is a very popular term in interior decoration, crafting, and certain other businesses. The creation of decorative items using butterflies is known as butterfly art. It can be printed photos, paintings, or pictures of butterflies. These can be hung in appropriate places to enhance the beauty of the rooms. These can be purchased online or from physical stores at varying prices, depending on the print size and type of the butterfly used in the art. As these arts require less maintenance and care, they can be placed for once and then forgotten. Still they will add to the beauty of your house or room.

This type of art was one such initiative. Some foundations or organizations which work towards the protection of butterflies hold the butterfly artworks on display. This will help the people see and understand the different varieties of butterflies in the world.

The artworks are often printed on to canvas and photos are available framed and without frames. There are a lot of online shops which offer these photos in preferred sizes. You can place your order for the required number of prints in the desired sizes. Printing the same photo in different sizes and preparing a collage or arranging them in order gives a good aesthetic appeal. This technique is being used for many types of decorations nowadays. Once you get your butterfly prints, you can arrange them roughly in a variety of designs and patterns and decide on the final arrangement.

Butterflies have often been described as a girly thing. But as butterfly artworks are available in a wide selection of girly and dull colours, it can be used to decorate your kid’s bedroom, living room, or even your office. You can choose a print which blends with the harmony of the room. If you intend to buy it for your kid’s room, you can choose a bit colourful one. Using the picture you can also teach you kid what a butterfly is and how to protect it from extinction. You can also buy butterfly houses to add to the beauty of the room. Or you can even place it outside, and encourage children to let butterflies stay and grow over there.

Butterflies exist in a wide variety of colours and designs. So before buying an artwork, you can gaze through the collections available and choose the best one. Some are available in rare colours and designs. This can be a real treasure to your butterfly art collection. And always buy the artworks from authentic sources.