Butterfly Release and Other Wedding Trends

The tradition of a bride and groom departing from their wedding reception in a cloud of thrown rice has long since past. Not only is the concept of rice throwing an old trend, but it also presents problems for the environment (birds mistake the rice for food and can choke on it), and it makes a huge mess for the venue to clean. Still, every newlywed couple desires a dramatic send-off to their honeymoon, and that means getting creative. Presently, there are several unique trends in the wedding world to send the happy couple off to their new life in a fun and mess-free fashion. A growing favorite among wedding parties has become the release of live animals. Dove releases have been a part of different ceremonies throughout history. However, doves are expensive and must be handled by professionals, limiting guest involvement. In lieu of releasing birds, one of the newest trends is to release live butterflies.

Releasing butterflies is becoming increasingly popular in the send off process. Some couples prefer to have the bridal party send out a cluster of butterflies, but it is becoming more common to see each wedding guest releasing a single butterfly. One of the greatest advantages of a butterfly release is that every guest, young and old, can participate, if the couple chooses. Many companies provide the inexpensive butterflies in individual boxes or other personalized butterfly wedding favors for guests to take home. Guests will love to see the beautiful butterflies floating from bouquet to bouquet or landing on a guest’s shoulder. These tender moments with the butterflies make wedding photos come alive and leave lasting impressions on everyone in attendance.

Butterflies also carry a heavy symbolic weight. Because of their transformation process from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly, they represent a transition and renewed life. Just like the butterflies, husband and wife are emerging to take their first steps in their new life together. Butterflies also symbolize celebration and happiness, which is the perfect ending to a any wedding day.

Butterflies, with their growing presence, are even becoming a part of the wedding ceremony itself. Couples are now choosing to release two butterflies representing themselves as part of an outdoor service in place of lighting a unity candle. Another trend is for a case of butterflies to be released (similar to a dove launch) just following the “I do’s” before the happy couple recesses. For other ways to incorporate butterflies into a wedding celebration, people are looking to the reception. Butterfly themed wedding cakes, cake toppers, place card holders and other favors are showing up in increasing amounts. Butterfly releases or butterfly wedding favors will not be forgotten anytime soon by guests or the couple. It does not matter where it appears throughout the day, be it the wedding ceremony, reception or sending off the bride and groom, a butterfly release promises a unique experience that is sure to showcase the special day.

Introverts – More of a Transparent Than Social Butterfly

Did you know there is such a thing as a transparent butterfly? Recently a friend emailed me some photos of this beautiful insect that comes from Central America. A quick internet search will find you many photos of this beautiful butterfly. The transparent butterfly is more of a metaphor for an introvert than you might first think. No, not a social butterfly but more like the transparent creature.

Butterflies are fragile to touch. If you ever tried to catch one, just like a dragon fly, you know that their wings are ultra thin to touch. An introvert may or may not be a highly sensitive person, research differs on that. But an introvert knows that their energy is fragile. It needs to be paid attention to, cared for and replenished. Fragile in an energetic way.

Specifically the transparent butterfly’s transparency serves as camouflage. Even though they appear fragile, their transparent design serves to protect them. While the most empowering and energizing thing for an introvert is to use their strengths in personal relationships and conversations, sometimes, we have to take on those extrovert tendencies. It is at those times we want to remember to where our camouflage, use those extrovert skills we’ve learned.

When bred in captivity the glasswing, another name for the transparent butterfly is quite resilient. At work and in our personal lives, situations of all magnitudes happen to us. It is at those times it is more healthy to respond instead of react. This allows for more resilience. The typical introvert thinks through such situation and inevitably, finds they too are resilient.

The butterfly’s transparent appearance is also a reminder about finding clarity. For an introvert, who enjoys thinking before speaking and planning before doing,

Forced to be a social butterfly, an introvert will lose their strength. But as has been said about the transparent butterfly, it can also be said about the introvert: “All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed: in life that which is unnoticed has the most power.” And isn’t this encouraging for introverts?

What do you think?

Photo Frames – Helpful In Preserving Vast Memories

Some people think one photo is sufficient to recollect their best moment despite the fact that they are in possession of a DVD. Such is the profound effect of these photos that people like to display them in their house so that they do not have to undergo through a tortuous drill, for instance, of playing the DVD.

Availability of these in numerous styles and designs suits them when they decide to buy one such item keeping in mind home d├ęcor of their house. They just love to display such a frame at vintage points of their living room, bedroom, study room, or even toilets! Though mention of the word ‘toilet’ may sound a little weird on the face of it, but this is not the case. For instance, a buyer can hang his photo when he was caught peeing in school compound!

With a hectic life and busy work schedule, not everyone finds time either to narrate the entire story nor is it feasible. Therefore, choosing picture framing seems to be the best option with such people.

Resorting to picture framing gives people an opportunity to make viewing more attractive so that it can catch imagination of the viewers. This is especially effective at a time when drawings of various kinds such as horses, dogs, birds, kittens and butterflies can with heart of people viewing them. The market is flooded with them that do not come with those haunting border placed around your best nostalgic and enchanting moments. Under these circumstances, opting for something cheery and bright will work wonders for you.

Whenever people choose one, their ultimate aim is to make others smile and in a way they want to be very close to their creation. Selection of dull, dark and drab make people refrain from saying anything good about it. Therefore, it is advisable you should pay special attention to its design, color, layout or type. Essential factors that can help you achieve your ultimate objective of buying such a frame. Remember – only putting best photograph or picture is not enough to get its desired result. It is in this regard that it can enhance its beauty and look,

Adding Character to Your Photo Shoots With Water Themes

You might have mastered light, composition and a handsome amount of photo techniques, yet, when you look at your final product you feel that there is still something missing. As if something is not right. This tends to happen when we tend to overlook the very basic elements that give character to a photograph.

What are these basics that give a photograph these characteristics? They can be summed up in words like: movement, joy, spirit and soul. These simple rudiments produce dynamics, energy and vibrancy. They give an identity together with depth; they simply put the whole choreographed set piece on fire.

In managing to transmit these feelings one has to find the proper medium. One particular versatile medium that I have successfully worked with is water. It has a character of itself interchanging in an array of dimensions, styles and shapes. But, how do we incorporate these properties in our photo shoots? Hereunder I would like to share with you some set ups that I am sure would jumpstart your locomotive brain in motion.


Do you remember the classical film shoot in La Dolce Vita where model and singer Christa Paffgen strides in knee high water in the Trevi Fountain in Rome? If you have not seen it, I suggest you do. It is inspiring as it manages to capture all the above mentioned fundamentals in one single shoot.

Start by trying to mimic this master set piece and along the way be creative and create your own style. A word of caution, always get the necessary permits if you intend to use public fountains. It is always wise to have in place these legal aspects issues so that your photo shoot runs smoothly.

You can always avoid these hassles if a family member or a friend has a garden with a big fountain and is willing to cooperate. A couple of prints would be much appreciated by the fountain owner as a way to show your gratitude.

Water Games

Again, this might be easier for you if you have access to a private pool. This can be rented from a private owner or as mentioned before from someone that is eager to share his pool for your photo shoot.

In such a photo shoot you can revel in works related to movement. This can be from simple swimming styles such as butterfly style, back and forward strokes to more challenging actions such as diving and board jumping.

If you are working with more that one model than one can indulge in sports games such as tag-of-war, wrestling, water pistol shooting or aerobic workouts with noodles. It is guaranteed that laughter, amusement and hilarious moments would electrify you photo shoot with liveliness and power.

Water Parks

These kinds of amusement places offer a multitude of different levels from which a photographer can shoot his model. One moment you can be shooting from the top of a high water slide and next you will be shooting from an underwater tunnel. Working with the right models, with the right attitude one can produce awesome photo shoots in these kind of set ups.

Moreover, restrooms, changing rooms and many more facilities are easily available in these kinds of parks. One can talk to the management and set up a menu for lunch specifically for your models. In so doing, plans for the rest of the day can be discussed while everyone is being refreshed.

In order to make sure that such photo shoots run smoothly it is vital to plan ahead. These kinds of events require careful planning where each and every detail is meticulously taken care of.

Last but not least, it is important to note that working in these kind of set ups one needs the proper equipment. Needless to say, water, especially sea water is no friend to photographic equipment. It is imperative that you make sure that your gear is protected and taken care of during and after the photo shoot.