Of Cats and Butterfly – Clocks!

Some people love cats, while some just detest them. What about butterflies. They are so cute you could possibly count of the number of people who think other in your fingers. And when these are taken up as clock designs, innovation it is all the way. The manufacturers have broken all the norms and have come out to play their business game in an absolutely mind blowing manner.

Clocks these days come with alarms that meow like cats. Awakened in the morning by the sweet sound and sweet purrs of the cat can be a wonderful experience. These days, digital types have come up where the cat is on the screen animatedly playing with its tail, chasing butterflies or simply snoozing. They are fun decors in children’s room or rooms of a cat lover.

You can make your own cat clock. Take the battery and ticking compartment out of an old one and attach that to a photo of your cat or kittens. You can think of ways to make the cat background dynamic. Else, a static background does serve the purpose

Some of the popular designs are black cats on their bellies. This one is fun to look at and comes in painted black wood and even artificial fur. You can make them from recycled greeting cards and floppy disks too. Butterflies are symbol of happiness, joy and sunny positivity. They come in umpteen designs. Every year new designs come up and one of them for sure contains butterfly in them. The alarms in them are of chirping and tweeting bird, giving the impression of early morning nature’s bliss as you wake up. Just makes the entire day!

To make your own butterfly type, you can print out some glossy pictures of beautiful butterflies or paint your own. Instead of going in for traditional butterfly, try to make some out of weird prints or mix match. This gives a cool new out look to the age-old concept. Design hands that are associated with butterfly, like flowers and grasses. Attach a ticking booth to it to make it work.

A recent design has the clock with 3 or 4 separate pieces of butterfly which can be placed in such a way as to create an impression that they are flying away from them. That is a butterfly one but with a nice creative twist. Improve your home d├ęcor with lovely designs.