Introverts – More of a Transparent Than Social Butterfly

Did you know there is such a thing as a transparent butterfly? Recently a friend emailed me some photos of this beautiful insect that comes from Central America. A quick internet search will find you many photos of this beautiful butterfly. The transparent butterfly is more of a metaphor for an introvert than you might first think. No, not a social butterfly but more like the transparent creature.

Butterflies are fragile to touch. If you ever tried to catch one, just like a dragon fly, you know that their wings are ultra thin to touch. An introvert may or may not be a highly sensitive person, research differs on that. But an introvert knows that their energy is fragile. It needs to be paid attention to, cared for and replenished. Fragile in an energetic way.

Specifically the transparent butterfly’s transparency serves as camouflage. Even though they appear fragile, their transparent design serves to protect them. While the most empowering and energizing thing for an introvert is to use their strengths in personal relationships and conversations, sometimes, we have to take on those extrovert tendencies. It is at those times we want to remember to where our camouflage, use those extrovert skills we’ve learned.

When bred in captivity the glasswing, another name for the transparent butterfly is quite resilient. At work and in our personal lives, situations of all magnitudes happen to us. It is at those times it is more healthy to respond instead of react. This allows for more resilience. The typical introvert thinks through such situation and inevitably, finds they too are resilient.

The butterfly’s transparent appearance is also a reminder about finding clarity. For an introvert, who enjoys thinking before speaking and planning before doing,

Forced to be a social butterfly, an introvert will lose their strength. But as has been said about the transparent butterfly, it can also be said about the introvert: “All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed: in life that which is unnoticed has the most power.” And isn’t this encouraging for introverts?

What do you think?