How To Become A Social Media Butterfly

Many are those who associate branding with large corporations like McDonalds and Nike and many other giants. Actually this is how it was before the digital age. Social media reshaped the branding landscape within online marketing. Social Media is now reaching a vast number of consumers that is giving them the opportunity to interact with the brand. Technology has given the means to small businesses and entrepreneurs to brand themselves in the vast ocean of social media without spending an extravagant amount of money.

Social networks are more about what consumers say about you or your brand other than what you say about your company. Through social media you establish authority, create trust through interactions, content and visibility. Most online marketers unfortunately close themselves into their cocoon and stay away from becoming the butterfly in social media. If you want to be known then brand yourself and social media is the right platform to do so.

Many use their legal name to brand. Others go beyond and choose any other word or company name. Choose whatever works for you best. What is most important is that you always use the same name on every social media page. This way you build an identity that is consistent and one that consumers will recognize.

Create accounts on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, StumbleUpon, YouTube and other industry specific sites. You must always communicate your message through all your selected social media. However they must direct all your followers or fans to one central online presence like your blog or website. Your blog is yours and here is where you are in total control. All social network sites can change their rules of engagement as they please while you are the only one in control of your site. This is where the consumers get to know you better. This is where you nourish the trust within your followers.

Your site must provide interesting and fresh content to your followers. You must keep them coming back for more. Transform yourself into an information hub providing your followers valuable information. The more stuff you share, the more likely it is you will be passed around in their network using social media functions like Retweet on Twitter or Share on Facebook. Content will always be king in any type of media. Spice up your content by adding photos, pod-casts and videos. Choose what is best for your community.

Another good source to use social media for your personal brand is by joining online groups and communities and participate in online discussions or start a discussion yourself. In whatever you do always mention your brand at least in your signature. Do not be intrusive with your brand though. Keep your message subtle and soft. Be active in online communities in your industry related blogs and networks.

I always recommend organizing yourself systematically. Plan your week so you do not feel lost of what you have to do next. Dedicate a time or a day for content creation, for social media, for blog communities, for writing the script for your next video or podcast, to learn something new and also time to relax. After all, every butterfly stops to rest to observe the surroundings and regain the energy to fly again over more colorful flowers. There is nothing to be shy of in branding yourself. You have your qualities your knowledge and above all you have yourself that makes you unique. Take off to your flight in social media as you are a unique butterfly.

I wish you a great day – you deserve it.

Joseph Cale
Cale Mindset