Butterfly Wings Tattoo

Butterfly wings tattoos are usually not what the majority of women are thinking about when they enter the tattoo parlor, but it is very popular nonetheless. The high average of ladies get butterfly tattoos on their ankles. It is a common subject today when women enter tattoo parlors seeking advice on which kind of design they should or should not get inked onto them. The majority of artist usually come to an answer of either a butterfly design or ladybug. The third choice is some kind of flower decoration with pretty colors usually on the lower back waist area.

Having a butterfly inked onto you is a very feminine trait and the insect is very lady like as well thus making a perfect match for that cute girly tattoo. How about getting an enormous size wings tattooed onto your back or lower waist? It may give you the feeling of freedom and flying away when troubles occur or you just want to be alone and explore for awhile. Of course, not literally but mentally. Either way, this design will most likely make you feel like you have freedom or choice.

When you consider getting a tattoo of this creature, remember that there are thousands of different color variations and it would be wise to check out some photos on the Internet first before making your decision. Even a silhouette of a butterfly tattoo is equally stunning if done right. There are thousands of websites out there to give you a head start.