Butterfly Wedding Favors – Cheap But Beautiful Gifts For Your Guests

From the time you were a little girl, you’ve been thinking about falling in love and getting married so you can have the wedding of your dreams. Now that you are engaged and you’re actually planning your big day you can have anything you want. The best part of planning your wedding is being able to pick out all the things that will make your day extra special.

Butterfly candle holders. There are so many sweet choices when it comes to using butterfly shaped or accented candleholders as wedding favors for your guests. You can find candle holders in any color or size and fill them with different colored candles, scented gels or even flower buds. Butterfly candleholders bring a child-like wonder to your wedding favors and décor. This is something your guests will remember with fondness for some time after your big day.

Butterfly Tea lights. Butterfly tea-lights are a whimsical touch to any wedding. You can buy them to match votives or mix and match the colors to go along with your wedding décor or accessories. They are very sweet when grouped together in bowls, on candle plates or set on place settings for guests to enjoy. You may want to go with some of the butterfly floating tea-lights placed in vases and bowls filled with water to give the appearance that they are “flying” in the air. They give off a wonderful glow when lit and add to the magic of your wedding day.

Butterfly card holders. Place holders in the shape of butterflies, with fluttery wings and bright sparkly colors are simply wonderful to use as wedding favors. And they’re relatively inexpensive gifts that can be purchased or made ahead of time with lots of embellishments. Set them on tables to help your wedding guests sit together in appropriate places or to assign sections for adults and children. Guests can take them home after the wedding and use them to hold photos of the bride and groom or their other happy memories of the big day.

Butterfly bookmarks. Want to enjoy the fairytale long after the wedding day? Then consider using butterfly bookmarks as wedding favors. These can be made or purchased cheaply and set at each place setting for guests or placed in baskets for the wedding attendants or ushers to hand out to guests. Imprint them with the bride and groom names and wedding date so your special day will always be remembered. These are wonderful keepsakes for the family bible as well.

Butterfly picture frames. Love to show off your engagement or wedding photos? Then use butterfly shaped or embellished picture frames to display copies of cherished photos for your guests to take home. These are lovely and can be used later on for anniversary celebrations or to display at home after your dream wedding day.