Butterfly Release and Other Wedding Trends

The tradition of a bride and groom departing from their wedding reception in a cloud of thrown rice has long since past. Not only is the concept of rice throwing an old trend, but it also presents problems for the environment (birds mistake the rice for food and can choke on it), and it makes a huge mess for the venue to clean. Still, every newlywed couple desires a dramatic send-off to their honeymoon, and that means getting creative. Presently, there are several unique trends in the wedding world to send the happy couple off to their new life in a fun and mess-free fashion. A growing favorite among wedding parties has become the release of live animals. Dove releases have been a part of different ceremonies throughout history. However, doves are expensive and must be handled by professionals, limiting guest involvement. In lieu of releasing birds, one of the newest trends is to release live butterflies.

Releasing butterflies is becoming increasingly popular in the send off process. Some couples prefer to have the bridal party send out a cluster of butterflies, but it is becoming more common to see each wedding guest releasing a single butterfly. One of the greatest advantages of a butterfly release is that every guest, young and old, can participate, if the couple chooses. Many companies provide the inexpensive butterflies in individual boxes or other personalized butterfly wedding favors for guests to take home. Guests will love to see the beautiful butterflies floating from bouquet to bouquet or landing on a guest’s shoulder. These tender moments with the butterflies make wedding photos come alive and leave lasting impressions on everyone in attendance.

Butterflies also carry a heavy symbolic weight. Because of their transformation process from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly, they represent a transition and renewed life. Just like the butterflies, husband and wife are emerging to take their first steps in their new life together. Butterflies also symbolize celebration and happiness, which is the perfect ending to a any wedding day.

Butterflies, with their growing presence, are even becoming a part of the wedding ceremony itself. Couples are now choosing to release two butterflies representing themselves as part of an outdoor service in place of lighting a unity candle. Another trend is for a case of butterflies to be released (similar to a dove launch) just following the “I do’s” before the happy couple recesses. For other ways to incorporate butterflies into a wedding celebration, people are looking to the reception. Butterfly themed wedding cakes, cake toppers, place card holders and other favors are showing up in increasing amounts. Butterfly releases or butterfly wedding favors will not be forgotten anytime soon by guests or the couple. It does not matter where it appears throughout the day, be it the wedding ceremony, reception or sending off the bride and groom, a butterfly release promises a unique experience that is sure to showcase the special day.