5X7 Photo Album – For Keeping Your Memories Intact

Photo albums have a special place in the lives of all of us. This is because they are the treasure troves of the memory that are so dear to us! Thus it is important to have good photo albums for keeping these photographs. In every retail and online store you would find 5×7 photo albums which are the most popular among the albums. If you are searching for a unique 5×7 photo album for keeping your photographs then here are some options for you:

Terra Traditions Butterflies: This album is a unique creation by the Italian design studio Terra Traditions. With the help of lamination process the beautiful butterfly images are crafted into the album and it has made this album a great option for gifting. Kraft pages are used in this album and the insert sleeves are acid free. Here you can keep about 100 photographs.

Flashpoint Proof Album series: In these albums you can hold about 200 5×7 photographs and over the white cover of the album you would find a 4 inch by 6 inch window. The pages are also white so that the colored photographs look more beautiful when kept in them.

Personalized Silver: This photo album is ideal as a wedding gift or as an anniversary gift. It has an aluminum frame with silver polish and you have a 5×7 picture frame over the cover in the front. If you want you can also engrave lines of your choice in the picture frame.

Pioneer Mini Fabric: In one album you can have 24 photographs and for each photograph there is one page that is covered with bright cloth. The pages are made of acid free material and in the front there is a photo frame where you can keep any photograph of your choice. The pocket in each page has a black mesh background so that your photographs have a brighter look.